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What is the right techniques and position for installation ?

Created on 23 September 2015

Fan coil unit

- For bedroom, the flow of wind from air conditioner should be at the side of body when on the bed.  If the wind flow is from head to toe or vice versa, this will bring illness.

-  Place it above the bed is not advised as it is inconvenient and makes the bed dirty when maintenance.

- Don’t set too low degree as when you sleep, you are unable to adjust the temperature. This will make you sick, or else you should have a remote control at hand.

- If you have a living area close to bed, the air conditioner should be at this position rather than at bed as when sleep, we need higher temperature than normal

-  Fan coil unit should be at the corridor where condensing unit is due to convenience in installation and maintenance.


Condensing Unit

-  at the area to release the heat

-  the distance between wall to the back of air conditioner should be not less than 10 cms or 70 cms from the front.

-  Away from rain splash

-  Not direct sunlight at all times

-  Sound and hot air can be released without disturbing area nearby

-  Strong structure or beam at the right weight to hold the air conditioner.

-  Air conditioner should be at least 10 cms higher from the floor or high enough to be away from flood and easy for maintenance purpose

- Avoid the area where there’s a fire.  Refrigerant is one of the gas that can be easily ignited if there’s AC power leak

- Avoid area with sulfide acid, ie the wastage drain as it will react to sulfide acid and the gas is toxic when inhaling

- Not obstruct passage way