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Refrigerant R32

Created on 29 October 2015

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What is refrigerant?
“Refrigerant” is chemical fluid which is non-toxic and non-odour . Through all the processes of cooling to evaporate ventilation in air conditioning system, it will bring coolness. Nowadays, there are 3 key refrigerants in residential air conditioners which are R22, R410A and R32. Daikin is the first air conditioning manufacturer of Thailand and of the World who initiated and developed R32 to be used with residential air conditioner globally.

Why does Daikin use R32?
The Montreal Protocol in 1987 highlighted on the importance of depleting ozone layer and therefore, the change has been made globally from R22 refrigerant to R410A. Although it helps reducing harm to ozone, still, it contributed to global warming issue. The Kyoto Protocal did also stress on high global warming potential affected by R410A refrigerant. The change of refrigerant was urged to consider more on that with high environment protection.


Daikin, the world’s leading air-conditioning innovator, first adopted the new, so-called R32 refrigerant for ozone layer non-depleting substances for residential air-conditioners and also 3 times lessened global warming potential than the current R410A refrigerant and gave more cooling efficiency than that of R22 up to 60%

This is the key reason of why R32 refrigerant and inverter can help energy saving, which result in being #1 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio in Thailand as accredited by EGAT.

R32 vs R410


Daikin reassure the high efficiency of R32 air conditioner by increasing warranty period of “Evaporator” from 1 to 3 years from the date of purchase or the date in warranty card

*Daikin Urusara 7 9,000 BTU SEER 25.74
**Refer to information from EGAT website on 31st August 2015

Installation of air conditioning using the refrigerant R32?
To install the air conditioner uses refrigerant R32, the technician can use a device equipped with air conditioning R410A has a point underscored technician install is required to engineer a system vacuum or Vacuum to remove moisture out.


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