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How many types of air conditioner are widely used ?

Created on 11 November 2015

In general, there are 6 types of air conditioners which are popularly used in any accommodation or small sizes of office buildings and easy to buy them.   These are  : -

1. Wall Type – compact format… Ideal for rooms with little space such as bedroom, small living room



  • Modern design with varieties of selections
  • Quiet
  • Easy to install


  • Not suitable for heavy duty as unlike bigger coil, cooling coil is small and will soon be dirty and blocked up .


2. Ceiling/floor type, suitable for small room such as bedroom to bigger room such as office, restaurant, meeting room



  • Ideal with placing up either on the ceiling or on the floor
  • Multi-usage, good with any places
  • Good ventilation


  • Limited  varieties of selection


3. Package Type,  its format is similar to container… tall with strong wind, suitable for  the area with high traffic, ie… shops, restaurants.



  • Easy to install,  worry free of attaching it as it can be placed on the floor
  • Cooling faster due to a large fan blade which gives stronger wind


  • Limit of utilized space


4. Built-in type,  air conditioner which is embedded on or in the ceiling, suitable for the room with neat decoration where air conditioner can be hidden away to conceal from the sight.



  • Nice and neat, can build in or attach it in as part of the ceiling


  • Difficult to install as it’s to be buried into the ceiling
  • Inconvenience when maintenance


5. Window Type  - condensing  unit and fan coil unit  are in the air conditioner which can be installed onto the wall without refrigerant pipe.  The installation can be made at the window or making the hole of the wall to install it.



  • Save space as condensing unit is unnecessary
  • Easy to install due to no refrigerant pipe
  • High efficiency of coolness due to no refrigerant pipe so the heat is unable to seep in via pipe


  • Loudness from compressor, causing vibration to the air conditioner and the wall
  • If the size of air conditioner is too big, there will be a problem of installation as it’s too heavy to hold it.


6. Movable type ,  able to move it anyway or  just plug it and you can use it right away



  • Compact
  • No need to install
  • Moveable to both anywhere both indoor and outdoor


  • Can be used in small to medium size
  • Low efficiency in producing coolness, esp when using outdoor