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Daikin Super Multi-S

Created on 25 July 2019

The World’s average temperature has been increased significantly in the past few years. Thailand also, affected by this problem. People search for ways to avoid this continuous hot feeling. Some people go to the department store, some travel to the upcountry during the weekend, and some even travel abroad. Those are only short-term solutions. Anyway, one of the solutions is using the air-conditioner. Due to its price becomes cheaper and its technology is improved a lot. When considering purchasing an air-conditioner, price and quality are always the main buying factors. Apart from those factors, another thing is a useful space area left after installation both inside and outside your place.

“Daikin Super Multi-S”, the multi air-conditions system that comes with the latest technology and designed for space-saving and to not disturbing the view of your balcony. With 1 outdoor unit connected to a maximum of 3 indoor units which often installed in the living room and bedroom. You can turn on the air-conditioner one by one or all together at the same time.

Apart from above, Daikin Super Multi-S also comes with more useful features as following;
1. The quicker, the better
- With “Super Powerful” mode, make the room cool faster because it has a better cooling capacity of 40% compared to Non-Inverter air-condition.
2. Energy saving
- Introducing “Daikin DC Inverter Compressor” that designed to help air-conditioner consumes less energy30% compared to Non-Inverter air condition. Introduce “Smart Refrigerant Control Technology”, which can control at a proper level with 80% more accurate than the general air-conditioner.
3. Durability
- Super PCB PRO technology, a well-known feature of Daikin air-conditioners, is also included in Super Multi-S. Support voltage from 130V-440V and highly prevent from brownout and overload. The air conditioner can operate at 130V-264V
4. Anywhere Anytime
- With “Daikin Mobile Controller”, a smartphone application that will make your life easier. Connect your air conditioners with the Wi-Fi adaptors which are an optional accessory, you will be able to control your air-conditioner anywhere and anytime through the application.


Daikin “Super Multi-S” comes with the outdoor unit size of 18,000BTU/h and 24,000BTU/h, connected to the indoor unit size of 9,000BTU/h; 12,000BTU/h and 18,000BTU/h. Feel free to choose the best solution that suits your space.



Lastly, the Daikin Super Multi-S system is developed from the normal wall-type air conditioning system so, it is easy for maintenance. The technician can generally take care of your air-conditioning.

Daikin Super Multi-S will be soon available to purchase within this year. For more information, feel free to contact us at the Facebook page “Daikin Thailand”

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