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SMART is Daikin’s air conditioner innovation that combines energy saving and effective cooling operation together. SMART is a result of the high-potential R32 refrigerant and Swing Inverter compressor. This is why SMART can help you save on your electricity bill and still allow you to experience the best cooling operation. The unit comes with convenient features such as Intelligent Eye, 3D Airflow and Night Set Mode.
This version is the size of BTU
8,700 BTU/h , 11,900 BTU/h , 14,300 BTU/h , 17,700 BTU/h , 20,500 BTU/h , 24,200 BTU/h , 29,000 BTU/h
  • Energy-saving Swing Inverter Compressor with the high SEER at 23.76
  • Airflow directed by movement detecting Intelligent Eye
  • Titanium apatite deodorizing filter effectively absorbs and decomposes bacteria, viruses and odours
  • 3D Airflow distribution gives even air throughout the room

Highlight Feature

  • R32 Refrigerant

    R32 is an eco-friendly refrigerant that is first used in Thailand by Daikin. Its cooling capability, known to be higher than R22 and R410A, decreases compressor’s overworking. As a result, air conditioners with R32 refrigerant can give faster cooling operation, save more energy consumption, and have 3 times less Global Warming Potential (GWP) than R410A. The total cumulative sales of split air conditioner with R32 refrigerant in Japan are over one million units.

  • Swing Inverter Compressor

    Daikin’s Swing Inverter Compressor is outstanding from other Inverter compressors. The connected compressor core and roller effectively reduce friction and vibration, as well as refrigerant leak during compression. Compressor speed is highly increased as soon as it starts up giving fast cooling operation. As the temperature reaches the set limit, compressor speed will be reduced to stabilize the temperature. As a result, Swing Inverter compressors allow air conditioners to work quieter, reduce surges, and save more energy consumption that non-Inverter air conditioners.

  • Intelligent Eye

    The two-area intelligent eye infrared sensor controls comfort in two ways:
    1. Energy saving: If the sensor doesn't detect any movement, the temperature is automatically set to 2°C warmer to save energy.
    2. Comfort: The Intelligent Eye directs airflow away from people in the room to avoid cold draught.

  • 3D Airflow

    To ensure a harmonized temperature throughout the room, the 3D airflow system combines vertical and horizontal auto-swing creating even distribution of air.

  • Titanium apatite deodorizing filter

    Titanium apatite deodorizing filter restrains odours, bacteria and viruses.

  • Powerful mode

    Fan system under Powerful Mode operates at maximum capacity as soon as it starts up and can still increase extra 50 rounds per minute. The temperature is dropped to 18°C for extra fast cooling operation and will be automatically set to previous default temperature after 20 minutes.

  • Econo mode

    By pressing Econo Mode on remote control device, the function limits the maximum power consumption during cooling operation. The power consumption can be reduced up to 30%.

  • Night Set Mode

    When the timer is switched on, the unit will automatically
    set the temperature to 0.5-1°C warmer within 60-90 minutes for your better sleep.

  • Copper condensing coil with the compressor's 5 year warranty

    - 5-year Warranty Inverter Compressor
    - 3-year Warranty Cooling Coil
    - 3-year Warranty Inverter PCB Board

    - Coated heat exchanger PE fins resist salt
    corrosion and acidic rain

  • Easy operation from everywhere via Wi-Fi system (optional)

    With optional accessories, a ready to use connected type-WLAN, helps you to control the air conditioner though internet connection from your smartphone whether you are in or out of home.

Product specification

Refrigerant and operation system  
R32 Refrigerant  
System   Swing Inverter Compressor
Cooling and airflow  
Auto Vertical Swing (Up-Down)  
Auto Horizontal Swing (Left-Right)  
Auto 3D Swing (Up-Down, Left-Right)  
Intelligent Eye function  
Infrared sensor detects movements   1
Envergy saving mode  
Operation Mode  
Dry Cooling Dehumidifying Mode  
Powerful Operation for fast cooling  
Econo Operation  
Health-friendly Technology  
Air-purifiying and deodorizing filter  
24-hour On/Off Timer  
Anti-corrosion treatment of outdoor heat exchanger fins  
Remote Control System  
Wireless remote control   (Backlight)
Wi-Fi connection by extra devices