Cassette FCNQ-MV2S - Daikin

Cassette FCNQ-MV2S

Built-in Round Flow Cassette air conditioner with special louver which can flow all over 360 degree. Various air flow options suit to every application. Compact design only 256 mm., easy to set up. Use R410A refrigerant which has powerful cooling and does not destroy the atmosphere. Quiet operation, it is able to operate at 28 dBA level. Air filter and drain pan are coated by antibacterial for user's health.
This version is the size of BTU
18,000 BTU/h , 24,000 BTU/h , 30,000 BTU/h , 30,000 BTU/h
  • Round flow 360 degrees.
  • Optional air flow direction, easy setting for every area in the room.
  • Compact design and quiet operation
  • Use R410A refrigerant which has powerful cooling and does not destroy the atmosphere.

Highlight Feature

  • Round flow 360 degree

    Air flow thoroughly by round flow 360 degree louver. Cool steadily all over the area. Eliminate rough air flow problem, different from another 4 ways air conditioner.

  • Comfortably adjust air flow suit to each application

    Various air flow directions for every area such as middle of the ceiling, close to the wall, corner of the room, etc..

  • Anti-corrosion and mold resistance treatment

    Cooling coil's surface is coated by anti-corrosion, prevents it from dirt and tarnish. Furthermore, air filter and drain pan are coated by silver ion antibacterial, prevent them from bacteria which may grow up in moistness and cause bad smell.

  • Same size in every model, nice and tidy arrangement

    With the same size in every model from 13,000 to 48,000 BTU, they can be arranged together neatly. (Edit photo to 950 mm.)

  • Adaptable air flow direction

    Air flow angle is set at standard level first. User can set to protect the ceiling from dirt. The narrowest swinging angle will be changed from 15 degree to 25 degree.

  • Proper with high ceiling

    Changeable air flow suit to every area like on high ceiling.

  • Easily maintain, extend its usful life

    Verify a drain pan or waste water by unplug the air suction duct and ventilate panel. Air suction duct is transparent. Easy to see waste water which is conducted by drain pump mechanism. The pump can push waste water over the ceiling for 850 mm..

  • Compact design, easy setting and quiet working

    With 256 mm. height, it is available on limited space ceiling (13,000 to 24,000 BTU models). Every model has light weight, can be set up without a hoist. Air suction panel can be changed into the same direction. Quiet operation, it is able to operate in the sub 28 dBA level.

  • Accessories for special working

    '- Special long air filter, it must be changed only once a year even working continuously in smoky area.
    - Fresh air suction set, allows user to add more ducts enhancing air suction from the outside.
    - Air suction panel plate, seperate in the gap between ceiling and wall.

  • Durable, long-lasting working

    Condensing coil is coated by acrylics resin, prevents it from air pollution erosion to extend its useful life.