Siam Daikin Sales Co.,Ltd (SDS)-THE MOST ADVANCED Maintenance Contract

Service Contracts

Because Daikin understands the efficiency and lifespan of your air conditioner,
We would like to offer you our maintenance contract, packaged in different formats.

1. Maintenance Standard Package

Standard Package

Basic Service schedules a service visit for checkup, maintenance, and cleaning of your condenser and evaporator coils to maximize the efficiency of your air conditioner, prevent problems from occurring, and extend the product’s useful life.

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2. Additional Package

Additional Package is a service contract, packaged in one of the preventive maintenance formats to meet the needs of each business to ensure full efficiency of your air conditioner at all times and to prolong your AC’s lifespan.

Premium Care
Extent Warrant

Premium Care Extent Warranty is a package that provides an air conditioning repair service (both condenser and evaporator coils) free of charge upon being notified of the problem, enabling you to effectively control the budget for your air conditioner.

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Life cycle basic
Spare part for VRV

Basic Parts Service replaces necessary basic parts for your air conditioner at 3 and 5 year maintenance periods. It is a preventive maintenance service that reduces repair costs, allowing you to make a more accurate plan for your repair budget and save on unexpected repair bills.
- Spare parts for air conditioners at a 3-year useful life for VRV II, III, and IV models
- Spare parts for air conditioners at a 5-year useful life for VRV II, III, and IV models

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DRMS is a system that monitors the performance of an air conditioning system and predicts any irregularities that may occur, allowing you to operate a maintenance plan efficiently at a relatively low cost. Data from the Daikin VRV air conditioner is sent to the Daikin Room Remote Monitoring System via a cloud system. The system processes the data and quickly reports the air conditioning usage back to you using follow-up technology, allowing us to record the air conditioner’s performance 24 hours.

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VRV check-up

VRV Checkup Package is a supplementary package that provides an air conditioning checkup and prepares an in-depth analysis report, informing you whether your air conditioner is in a proper working condition. It will also recommend an appropriate maintenance plan to allow customers to accurately set a maintenance budget. The checkup includes the following:
- Pressure measurements such as voltage and refrigerant pressure.

- Electric current measurement.
- Check temperature and cooling of condenser coil.
- Check parts and equipment to ensure perfect operation.

Perfect for VRV air conditioners.


- Air conditioning checkup with a "service checker."

- An in-depth analysis of air conditioning performance.

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3. Optional Package

Optional Package is a service contract that client can adding with annual service contract.

Chemical Liquid
for FCU cleaning

Air conditioning cleaner for removing deep oil stains, fungi, and bacteria that are difficult to clean with water pressure alone.

Perfect for all air conditioners.

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Annual report

Annual report is a report summary of all services over a 1-year period, including cleaning and repair history. In addition, Daikin will present all analysis information and recommend a preventive maintenance plan to customers for the next maintenance contract to keep the air conditioner running perfectly.

Note: The annual service summary report will be prepared free of charge for customers who purchase a standard package and supplementary package. If a customer purchasing only a standard package wants to receive the annual service summary reports, he/she must pay an additional charge.

Perfect for: VRV air conditioners

Annual service visit report topics

- Overall maintenance and schedule for appointed service visits
- Number of repair and maintenance services
- Air conditioning problem statistics
- Collect a service visit record form after every visit
- Recommend preventive maintenance practices

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