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Daikin Remote Monitoring SystemTurning Data into Smart Saving and Prediction

DRMS [Daikin Remote Monitoring System] is a system that monitors the performance of an air conditioning system and predicts any irregularities that may occur, allowing you to operate a maintenance plan efficiently at a relatively low cost. Data from the Daikin VRV air conditioner is sent to the Daikin Room Remote Monitoring System via a cloud system. The system processes the data and quickly reports the air conditioning usage back to you using follow-up technology, allowing us to record the air conditioner’s performance 24 hours.

Control energy consumption, saving
up to 20%
on your electricity bill

The first system to predict air conditioning abnormality

up to 80%

Extend the life of air conditioners for

up to 3 years

Check your air conditioner status

24 hours a day