Customer Service - Daikin

Daikin Cool Line 1271

Daikin has developed customer relationship (Daikin Cool Line) to deliver services ranging from product information, technical consultation, clearing request, repair request, service contract sales, and parts sales to Daikin customers. Open daily from 07.00 – 24.00 Customers can contact Cool Line at 1271

Repair Report Process

1.Customer contacts
Cool Line 1271
2. Request accepted
by staff
3. Schedules date and time of service
4. Technician / Engineer performs service

Daikin Cool Line 1271 Services

Press 1 To request repair
Press 2 To buy parts
Press 3 For product inquiries
Press 4 Technician / Engineer performs service
Press 5 For yearly maintenance contract
Press 6 For feedback
Press 7 For business customer

Information required for repair request

1. First-last name and address
2. Model and serial number
3. Installation date or warranty information
4. Air conditioning problems
5. Customer needs
6. Convenient service date/time

Your feedback is valuable to us.

After a customer has received services, Cool Line conducts a customer satisfaction survey,
and uses the information you provide to improve our service, thus maintaining the highest customer satisfaction.