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Daikin’s policy responds to COVID-19

27 March 2020 / Activity

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Currently, the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak has spread across the world. This does not only impacts to our daily life, but also impact to business. Many business must be adapted to survive in this disease crisis. Daikin also have policy to responds COVID-19 in order to ensure all the customers, employees, and visitor will be safe. From our top management's vision and direction with all employees' intention, we are instantly respond to prevent the infection with serious executions.

-  Every employee and technician must be initially screened through temperature measuring everyday before they go out to service customer. Furthermore, they must wear hygienic mask when work. If we find anybody's temperature higher than 37.4 Celsius degrees or have any flu symptoms, we ask them to see doctor and let them work from home for 14 days.




- We follow Social Distancing guide by arrange seating in meeting room to be in safe distance. Increase working locations to reduce crowded in working area. By the way, our canteen service take-home lunch to reduce crowded in canteen.



- We strictly clean the meeting room after finish using and sensitive touch points. In addition, we provide hygienic mask for employees, alcohol hand gel, alcohol for equipment cleaning thoroughly both of head office and branch offices.



- We announce that we do not let employees to go abroad in order to reduce infection risk.

We, Daikin, prioritize customer, visitor, and employee health as the top priority. So, customers can be confident that you will be safely serviced with our heartfelt.

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