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Daikin Supports Football Association of Thailand, Getting Ready to Fight for World Cup 2022

19 May 2021 / Activity

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Daikin has recently offered support to the Football Association of Thailand for a period of four years aiming to make the Thailand national football team sparkle in international football competitions. The company has also urged Thai people to keep taking care of themselves in fighting against the COVID-19 crisis together while hoping to see the War Elephants bringing smiles and happiness back to Thai people once again.

Mr. Junichi Omori, President of Daikin Industries (Thailand) Ltd., the global leader in air-conditioning innovations from Japan, unveiled Daikin is fully committed to being a global business organization that always takes part in seeking efficient solutions to social and environmental problems, together with consistent business development by creating greater value in new perspectives to the air and environment to improve people’s quality of life. The company is ready to offer instant cooling and extreme comfort for good health to customers around the world in line with its ‘Perfecting the Air’ brand concept, as part of the goal to provide everyone with the highest satisfaction, backed by enhanced customer confidence in the company’s products and services to be recognized as the world’s renowned expert in air and air conditioning.


Over the past years, Thai football has brought excitement and pride to the country’s sports industry, particularly since the Thailand national football team can perform very well and looks set to climb up the FIFA world rankings. The Thailand national team gains greater popularity among Thai fans. Without a doubt, the Thailand national football team, representing the country in senior international football, has always inspired the hope, dream, and energy for Thai people every time the Thai national flag is flying high when the War Elephants go marching on.

“Daikin has recognized the importance of football and remained committed to supporting the Thailand national football team, believing this is the best time to create an atmosphere of happiness for all Thai fans in line with the company’s intention to achieve its ambitious goals via the ‘Perfecting the Air’ slogan,” said Mr. Omori.

“The current coronavirus pandemic has rapidly changed the world, particularly in terms of economy, environment, and living conditions. Everyone is severely affected by the impact of the outbreak and the football industry has suffered the same fate. Nonetheless, we would like to encourage the Thailand national team and everyone to be strong and vigilant to get over this crisis. One of the biggest football tournaments is coming soon. The War Elephants are scheduled to play the remaining matches in Asia’s qualifying stage for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. We are extremely proud to be an official sponsor to fully support the Thailand national football team, while remaining firm to promote our ‘Perfecting the Air’ slogan to become realistic and successful. We hope to see Thai fans celebrating the victory of the War Elephants again,” added Mr. Omori.

In other viewpoints, Pol. Gen. Dr. Somyot Poompanmoung, President of the Football Association of Thailand under Patronage of His Majesty the King, reaffirmed sponsorship is considered one of the most significant factors for the development of football and several other sports. The association has obtained partial support from the government, but it still remains inadequate. Therefore, official sponsors will play their crucial roles in developing Thailand’s football industry from the professional to amateur levels. Having a potential sponsor means there will be adequate financial resources to be used for the development of football in the country.


“Daikin Industries (Thailand) Ltd. has recently been announced as an official main sponsor of the association. This is good news for the Thai football industry. During the current hardship of life, everyone suffers the impact of COVID-19. Despite difficulties, Daikin has made significant contributions to Thai football, particularly with its intention to foster greater development for the industry. As the president of the association and on behalf of the entire Thai people, I would like to sincerely thank the company for offering its concrete support to the association, where all financial budgets received by the association will be used to genuinely maximize benefits for the football industry as a whole,” said the president.

The Football Association of Thailand and Daikin Industries (Thailand) are inviting Thai fans to become the 12th player and cheer on the Thailand national football team for their away match against the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in early June. The encouragement from the sponsors, supporters, and fans will be a powerful force to drive the Thailand national football team and all the men behind the scene to generate excellent performances, bringing smiles and happiness back to the nation.

Mr. Akira Nishino, Head Coach of the Thailand National Football Team, added “The COVID-19 crisis has severely affected everyone in the country. I would like to thank Daikin Industries (Thailand) Ltd. for being our official main sponsor. Although there is no competition in the country at the moment, we promise that we will try our best in the next matches. We would like to invite all Thai fans to keep cheering on us.”


Two football stars, Mr. Chanathip ‘Jay’ Songkrasin and Mr. Theerathorn ‘Oum’ Bunmathan, told the press “We are confident that the War Elephants will be one of the final twelve teams and qualified for the next stage. We would like to express our thanks and congratulations to Daikin Industries (Thailand) Ltd. for being a new official main sponsor of the Thailand national football team. We have the same ambitious goal to help Thai football progress further with greater success. We will try our best in every match. Please come and cheer on us.”


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