Daikin continues social responsible campaign “Pan Rak Hai Nong” for the second year with the construction of library building and educational enhancement activities at Baan Khao Yang Prong School in Petchabun - Daikin

Daikin continues social responsible campaign “Pan Rak Hai Nong” for the second year with the construction of library building and educational enhancement activities at Baan Khao Yang Prong School in Petchabun

14 January 2019 / Activity

Siam Daikin Sales continues on with the social responsible campaign “Pan Rak Hai Nong” with synergy from other 4 subsidiaries: Daikin Industries (Thailand), Daikin Compressor Industries, Daikin Trading (Thailand) and Daikin Air Conditioning (Thailand), to elevate educational standard for underprivileged students. The campaign has joined by more than 180 executives and staff members at Baan Khao Yang Prong School in Vichien Buri district of Petchabun on November 10, 2018.


Mr. Akihisa Yokoyama, Managing Director of Siam Daikin Sales, said that, “As the world’s leader in air conditioning technology, Daikin has responsibility to the society and corporate social responsibilities. So far we have engaged in several CSR projects such as mangrove planting, check dam building, charity run to raise fund for medical supplies purchase and many other educational programs for schools in rural areas. Pan Rak Hai Nong was first initiated at Baan Nong School in Petchabun. And this second time, we chose Baan Khao Prong Yang in Vichien Buri to continue on our mission in developing, enhancing and giving access to quality education and learning environment to students in rural areas. We would like to equip with them with fully-stocked library that they can take advantage of.”


This time around for Pan Rak Hai Nong, Daikin constructed Hong Samut Klang Panya Building that spans 128 square meters with painted walls, tiled floors, text books, tables, chairs, book shelves and educational images on the library walls. The program also extends to a computer room fitted with Daikin air conditioners, sports ground, exterior painting and renovation of school buildings and surrounding areas. Other renovation works include toilets, concrete paths within the school and volleyball court. Donations include 84 pairs of desks and chairs, children’s playground, sustainable vegetable garden and 100 chickens that will produce eggs for the students’ lunch, learning media and equipment, sports gears, teaching materials, student uniforms and essential consumer products. Executives and staff from Daikin also donated money to purchase books and educational materials to instill the love for reading among the students, encourage them to learn and give better access to education for the students in the community. Pan Rak Hai Nong aims to provide better educational experiences and better chance at learning to Thai youths in rural areas.

“It took us more than 2 months to complete the construction, with vigorous help from the school, the students’ parents and the people in the community that greatly contributed to the success of the campaign. Being part of a campaign like this makes me think of my own childhood. I’m a country boy from Japan myself and I’m specially glad to be able to be part in a program like this and nurturing the children with better chance at education like this,” Mr. Akihisa Yokoyama said.

Mrs.Laa Ketkhuntod, principle of Baan Khao Prong Yang School, said that school was established 45 years ago in 1973. This small school now has 83 students from pre-kindergarten (2.8 years old) to grade 6, and five teachers and the school is always facing budgetary challenges. The students’ parents are mostly farmers, herders and doing small odd jobs. While most of the parents went to work in town, the children stay behind with their grandparents, and do not have the funds to support the school. However the school received budget from Office of Basic Education Commission to waive tuition fee for all the students for 15 years, but the school facilities are not well looked after. The principle also said that the school had tried to raise funds by organizing katin charity event, but the donation was not enough to renovate the seriously deteriorated buildings and facilities or pave the dirt road with concrete.

“Siam Daikin Sales had earlier sent representative to evaluate the needs of the school. And when the school was chosen to part of the Pan Rak Hai Nong campaign, we were very delighted. Daikin then allocated budget to the school where we then commissioned the contractors to complete the construction and the renovation. The school is now in great condition and all of us, the teachers, the parents and the townspeople in Baan Khao Prong Yang and Baan Na Samukkee, are very happy to receive such kindness from Siam Daikin Sales. We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks for valuing the children’s education in this area. Not only this program helps improve the learning experiences of the existing students, it also encourages parents to send their children to school.”

Dr. Phuwanat Munkhian, Chief of Petchabun Provincial Educational Office, the key person in the reception ceremony said that, “Pan Rak Hai Nong by Daikin’s 5 subsidiaries is an activity of great value to the society. Petchabun has many schools that are more than 45 years old that are in dire need to renovation while the budget allocated for Petchabun is limited, so it is an ordeal to maintain standard of the schools and the education. Having support from the private sector is crucial in the development of public schools.”

Pan Rak Hai Nong is an effort to enhance life quality of children in rural area with better education, nurturing them to sustainable growth and lifelong learning.