Daikin awarded ‘Outstanding Workplace” for a second consecutive year, confirming its status as a leading quality organization in promoting development of employees’ skills - Daikin

Daikin awarded ‘Outstanding Workplace” for a second consecutive year, confirming its status as a leading quality organization in promoting development of employees’ skills

14 January 2019 / Activity

Daikin, the world-class leader of the air-conditioning industry, was recently awarded  “Outstanding Workplace” for a second consecutive year (2016-2017) in recognition of its role in promoting employees’ skill development. The accolade underscores Daikin’s status as a top-quality organization that’s committed to developing the workforce’s skills according to international standards and the government’s Thailand 4.0 development initiative.


The Department of Skill Development of the Ministry of Labour held a ceremony to present awards to outstanding workplaces for skill development for 2017. The accolades recognized and honored organizations that place importance on skill development for employees and the public.

The much-coveted award also recognized Daikin’s outstanding role in personnel development that will help increase the country’s competitiveness and drive its economy in line with the government’s Thailand 4.0 development initiative. The awards presentation ceremony was held on September 13 at Century Park Hotel. On hand to present the awards were Minister of Labour Pol Gen Adul Saengsingkaew.

Mr. Hitoshi Tanaka, President of Siam Daikin Sales Co., Ltd., commented, “The award is proof that Daikin is a workplace that has high standards of employees’ skills and that continuously promotes skill development of the workforce to raise their potential. Daikin is committed to increasing employees’ performance. Over the past many years, Daikin has placed great importance on personnel development that’s been carried out consistently every year. We focus on developing staff’s job-specific knowledge and all aspects of professional skills. We also regularly educate dealers, subdealers, installation technicians on the general knowledge of products so that they can sell, install and provide maintenance of air-conditioners and air purifers with confidence and in accordace with internatinal standards as endorsed by the Department of Skill Development.”

Besides, in the past, Siam Daikin Sales Co., Ltd., has collaborated with the Department of Skill Development to organize training programs to lift the technical standards of air-conditioning technicians in various provinces nationwide. These included a series of training programs called “Chang Air DD” that was this year held for a third consecutive year to provide trainees with the skills needed for career advancement. And the program helped trainees to create their own businesses by using the skills and knowledge acquired during the free training that was focused on theoretical and practical knowledge.  Certificates were also awarded by Department of Skill Development to the trainees upon completion of the training course. Daikin has also organized other training programs on air conditioning maintenance, technology of the inverter system and installations of air-conditioners for residential and small-scale commercial enterprises.

This year there were 59 workplaces on the shortlist vying for the much covereted award. Siam Daikin Sales Co., Ltd. was awarded “Outstanding Workplace” in the category “Skill Development Promotion for 2017”. Dakin won the award in 3 sub-categories. The first sub-category was called “Workplace with a workforce of over 100 employees that has skill development programs in accordance with the 2002 Skill Development Act that have been organized for no more than 3 years (2015-2017)”. Selection criteria were based on training programmes that are related to the organization’s business and designed to increase knowledge, capability and skills of employees.

The fourth sub-category was called “Workplace that sets its own standards of employees’ skill development according to the standards set by the Department of Skill Development,  that has organized at least one training program over the past year (2017), that uses the newly introduced standards of skill development to design a training curriculum, and that uses the curriculum to organize a training course”. Selection criteria were based on the organization’s own standards of skill development that have been used to increase efficiency by organizing a training program covering at least one specific area over the past year. Other creteria included  the design of a curriculum for the training of employees to increase efficiency.

The fifth sub-category was called “Prototype and model workplace that demonstrates efficiency in skill development that has been recognized by the public at the provincial or national level over the past 5 years (2012-2017)”. Selection criteria were  based on information, evidence, documents, and photographs that highlight the workplace as a learning center that is open to study tours and can transfer knowledge of skill devopment to interested individuals.

The award that’s been won for a second year is the pride of Daikin. The award recognized the company’s awareness of, and commitment to, personnel development. We will continue to raise the standards of employees’ skills and promote skill development and employees’ potential continuously.