Daikin increases the measures to prevent the spreading of COVID-19 by installing 120 air purifiers and strictly screening service staff all over Thailand - Daikin

Daikin increases the measures to prevent the spreading of COVID-19 by installing 120 air purifiers and strictly screening service staff all over Thailand

7 April 2020 / Activity

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Siam Dakin Sales, the leader in air conditioning innovation Daikin, assures the customers and the general public of its high standard and service offering in the time of COVID-19 pandemic with strict precautions and measures. The measures include body temperature screening all service staff members, installation of 120 air purifiers and cleaning of air conditioners unit with sanitizer at every service point all over Thailand to ensure highest level of safety of the customers.

In light of COVID-19 pandemic, Siam Daikin Sales, the world’s leader in air conditioning innovation, is aware of the heath and safety of the customers, visitors to the company and its employees and hence imposes strict safety measures to prevent the spreading of the virus and comply with the health and safety precautions issued by the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health.

Siam Daikin Sales has set up body temperature checkpoints and distributed medical masks for the employees as well as visitors. All visitors to Siam Daikin Sales office are required to deposit their IDs and undergo body temperature check. Visitors showing symptoms such as sneezing, coughing and having body temperature higher than 37.4 degree Celsius will be advised to comply with guidelines from Department of Disease Control and may not be allowed to enter the premises.

As of Siam Daikin Sales employees, those fall into the criteria for possible exposure to the virus will be suspended from work immediately and be confined in quarantine. Service and security staff are required to wear medical masks at all time and maintain social distance at least 1 meter, refrain from travelling overseas and violators will be subjected to 14 days in quarantine immediately upon the return to Thailand.

Siam Daikin Sales also installed Flash Streamer Daikin air purifier that is capable of filter PM2.5 as well as viruses and bacteria in 120 spots throughout the head office and other branches. The company also provides sanitizer gel stations and increase frequency of cleaning and sanitizing the air conditioners with coil cleaner to rise off set-in contaminants and regularly clean the filtering system in every area of the office space.

Siam Daikin Sales also offers air conditioner cleaning service to customers with coil cleaner to cleanse set-in contaminants and oil stain in household air conditioner units by technicians that are certified to be healthy and physically sound, allowing the customers to stay in social isolation at home with comfort and safety during the pandemic.

Siam Daikin Sales also create awareness of this novel virus among its staff and employees with communication medias showing the proper ways to wash hands and wear medical masks to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. The company is also on full alert and a constant lookout for the staff’s physical conditions that might raise concern.

Siam Daikin Sales would like to assure its customers and the general public of the strict health and safety precautions the firm has successfully imposed to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. The firm is also open for the customers’ suggestions and opinions as it takes health and safety of the customers seriously in consideration.

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