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History Daikin Thailand

  • 1924

    1924 Osaka Kinzoku Kogyosho Limited Partnership was founded by Mr. Akira Yamada in Osaka. Then, he established Osaka Kinzoku Kogyo Co., Ltd. later in 1934

  • 1934

    1934 The refrigerator was named Mifujirator

  • 1951

    1951 Production of packaged air conditioners began

  • 1963

    1963 Osaka Kinzoku Kogyo Co., Ltd. was renamed Daikin Kogyo Co., Ltd.

  • 1968_h

    1968 Dakin air-conditioners were firstly imported to Thailand by Siam Motors Co., Ltd. under Dr. Thaworn Phornprapha

  • 1975 Siam Daikin Co., Ltd. (SDC) was established as an air conditioning manufacturing and sales company

  • 1982

    1982 - Daikin’s first VRV system was developed
    - Siam Daikin Co., Ltd. (SDC) was renamed as Siam Daikin Sales Co., Ltd. (SDS)

  • 1990

    1990 Daikin Industries (Thailand) Ltd.
    was established in Thailand and began production of air conditioners in 1991

  • 1998

    1998 Room air conditioners employing the new R410A refrigerant were marked

  • 1999

    1999 - Ururu Sarara, the world’s first room air conditioner capable of regulating humidity
    with a humidifying system having no water supply was marked
    - Daikin became the industry’s first company to reach production of 5 million packaged air conditioners
    - First time Daikin mascot debut Pichon-kun which rolls out over the world

  • 2001 Daikin Compressor Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established

  • 2004

    2004 First time of Flash Streamer in Daikin Air-purifier which won 2005 Award of The Institute of Electrostatics Japan winner

  • 2008 Daikin became first in the air conditioning industry to be endorsed as ECO First Company

  • 2012

    2012 - Latest technology of VRT in RVR IV
    - First time in the world that Daikin adopted a new R32 for commercialized air conditioners

  • 2014

    2014 Urusara 7 with R32 was launched in Thailand

  • 2015

    2015 Daikin Solution Plaza Thailand was established as the first innovative air conditioner center in Thailand